Does happier customers & more repeat sales sound good?

Not responding to customers correctly, not having the correct information to hand at the correct time and not going over and above expectation are all reasons that customers go away disgruntled.

Delighted customers not only buy more but they tell their friends and contacts. Win Win.

Key Takeaways...

  • Respond faster
  • Improve teams productivity
  • Help customers help themselves
  • Turn customers into promoters

60% of customers have stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer service experience.

B2B customers gain 50% higher revenue/sales due to high customer engagement.

*based on research from Hubspot

Key Features of the service hub
(yes the jargon!)

CRM, tickets & help desk, team email, rich media, customisation, video creation, chatbot builder, knowledge base, customer feedback, automation, conversation, live chat, reporting, goals

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The structure behind our promise

Using HubSpot as the main platform we can embrace modern automation to save time and make ourselves efficient. As a consequence, this makes you efficient, gain more leads, less hassle and part of a process that never stops bring on your new clients...

What they say...

"Jonathan has been a great asset to us for many years, he has found the perfect balance of being incredibly supportive yet driven and focus orientated in order for us to reach our goals, year after year."

Laura Campbell, Evoke IT

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